3D Library


3D Alive Effect

Custom Design

how to get the 3D point-cloud you need

1, Find the model out from "3D Library" or "Specials"

When you access the "3D Library", you can use "search" box to find the model,
or you can view the models from "Categories"

2, Please tell us your need with email: 3dforcrystal@gmail.com

which model you need ?
what's the settings of point-cloud, or which laser machine you are using ?
what's the size of point-cloud or crystal ?

3, We will contact you to confirm the order if need.

4, We will note you to make the payment and send the point-cloud to you

– All point-clouds will be High-quality with 3D Alive effect
– If you can not find your need, you can ask us via email directly